A Brief Past, Present, and Future with Batteries and Lithium Ion Technology

"The future of lithium-ion batteries looks very bright and prosperous with large grid-scale battery storage, electric vehicle charging stations, and advancements in renewable energy efficiencies."

"Large-scale grid storage is becoming more and more of a reality everyday as new battery technologies are providing a much more realistic kWh storage capacity vs cost. Battery storage costs should range from $230/kWh to $150/kWh for these large power grid batteries to be utilized in large numbers. Previously, it was thought that this would only be achievable by the year 2030 at a $400 billion investment. Eos Energy Storage is making the future a current reality by offering a new type of battery called the “Zinc Hybrid Cathode” battery, claiming it to have a very competitive $/kWh at $160. Companies that are currently focusing on these large grid-scale storage facilities will assist in lowering the costs of renewable, electric vehicles, and energy as a whole to be extremely competitive with fossil fuels, if not more attractive."