Kvartsforekomsten på Nesodden

"Final production over 30 years will be 150.000 tons of high purity quartz end products.
Initial capital expenditures total to USD 49,7 million (base case). Given a total revenue of USD 1005 million (base case) over 30 years a NPV of USD 43 million and IRR of 20,5% has been calculated, considering sales prices of USD 6.700 per t of high purity quartz produced (HPQ basket price, ex works). The project payback period after tax is 4,3 years."
"The indicated quality of the raw quartz is generally high. Available data indicate total impurities average approximately 42 ppm in the raw quartz. ANZAPLAN has demonstrated fully processed quartz from Nesodden to be in a specification range suitable for the production of fused quartz for halogen light bulbs, semiconductor quartz ware and other high value applications."
"NM plans to produce highly purified silica sand in Norway either for direct sales to the demanding industries (lighting, semiconductor, electronic, specialty glass and other applications) or as feed for final processing into high purity quartz at potential customers."
"A production of 5000 tons per annum (tpa) of HPQ product at a feed rate of 20000 tpa of raw quartz is targeted."
"The final product would have typical impurity levels of less than 20 ppm."